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SotW - Halloween 2009 - The Puppetmaster
Posted to Show of the Week on October 30, 2009 1:20 AM by NightBender
As a Halloween treat this year, Caleb and I decided to give this week's Show of the Week to the creepiest episode in the entirety of the series, episode #308: The Puppetmaster. This episode features spooky ghost tales, and strange and seemingly supernatural events. Oddly enough, this episode has a very M. Night Shyamalan-esque tone with it's eerie scenery and neat plot twists.

Summary: The gang discovers that there have been strange disappearances in a spooky town. The old innkeeper the group stays with, Hama, is secretly a Waterbender from the Southern Tribe. Hama teaches Katara some of the Southern Water Tribe's past and some special Waterbending techniques, and the gang must figure out who or what is behind the strange disappearances before it's too late.

Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Puppetmaster.

Joaquim Dos Santos   Writer: Tim Hedrick
Original Air Date: November 9, 2007

Do you agree that this is the scariest episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender?
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Comment by: Caleb @ 04:47 pm November 02, 2009
I've also thought about more waterbending recently... I was thinking if they can turn water to ice, then they should be able to turn water into BOILING water...

That just adds more to waterbending's power.

Comment by: Jekyll @ 05:52 pm November 02, 2009
Is it me or does James Cameron's Avatar (the one with the blue people) have a logo identical to the animated Avatar: Legend of Aang logo?

Comment by: bluespirit @ 06:35 pm November 02, 2009
I can't believe you put that link there Jekyll... completely unprofessional...
You could at least respect Caleb's site a bit more than that...

But yeah... that looks exactly like the Avatar font!

I had some theory about freezing for water benders but I forgot what it was


Comment by: Kyle @ 07:54 pm November 02, 2009

yeah they should all have temperature control, fire benders can make blue fire which is hotter than orange fire, and water benders have ice and steam, the other benders should have it also.

I always thought Roku was bending the combination of earth and fire with the lava but i guess it really is just hot earth.
And Sozin was bending the fumes from the lava, it looked like he was sucking the smoke out of the lava or something, i still wonder about that a little bit whenever that episode is on. smile

Comment by: bluespirit @ 09:10 pm November 02, 2009
No... they confirmed there is no hybrid bending
Like swamp benders are not a combination of water and earth and sand benders are not a combination of air and earth

They are just water and earthbenders, respectively

Comment by: Caleb @ 09:39 pm November 02, 2009
bluespirit is right about the water/earthbenders.

@Jekyll: Quit linking to freaking sites like that.

Comment by: 25kuzon @ 02:54 am November 03, 2009
The only one that can bend lava is the Avatar.. because lava is composed of super hot Earth right? and it is much fluid like Water so someone should have learned Waterbending and Earthbending to bend the lava... and that's the Avatar

and I think Firebending is somehow involved (maybe because of the heat?) because in an episode that i don't remember, they showed four Avatars bending their respective elements, and the Fire Avatar is seen bending Lava.. smile

@ Caleb : Boiling Water Waterbending Technique... i never thought of that.... tongue

Comment by: 25kuzon @ 03:09 am November 03, 2009
ps... I have a waterbending technique in mind.. tongue

how about waterbenders bend water to their hands up to their forearms and freeze it... and the tips of their fingers should be super sharp, just for close combat or for close sneak attacks LOL , so instead of putting water in pouches, freeze em in their forearms so they would look much dangerous and ready for combat laughing ...

sorry for double posts..

Comment by: deweys dozen @ 09:06 am November 03, 2009
that is serious genius...if they did that they would be stealthy and seriously terrifying.
some blue spirit water bender style.

Comment by: Bloodbender25 @ 09:49 am November 03, 2009
Ha! My most fav episode of them all, hence the name Bloodbender25. I'm so on to this that its making me tearbend laughing

@everyone debating abt temperature bending issues

Remember Guru Pathik once said:

"The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. "

the rock, lava, fire, fumes, ice, water, boil, steam and such
Somehow, they're all connected...

Comment by: Caleb @ 11:43 am November 03, 2009
I do believe that firebenders(all of them if they learn) COULD control lava. Here's why:

Think of the fight between Toph and Katara in "The Runaway" after Aang's training where the BOTH bend mud. Katara bends it because there is water in it; Toph bends it because there is earth in it. But the two elements do not separate; they stay together as mud.

Then think of General Avatar State(his name eludes me). He bends earth up into Katara's water, and then bends the earth and water back down into mud.

I think it would be the same with Fbenders and lava; though that would mean Ebenders could control lava too.

This has been a really interesting discussion, and now that I have written it down, I realize: an Earthbender, if he practiced enough, could change to a softer style of Ebending and change to waterbending. He could bend exactly like water, except with mud instead. THAT would be insane! laughing

Comment by: Kyle @ 11:51 am November 03, 2009

yeah i know you can't have combination bending, if your not the Avatar. that's the only reason Roku could bend the combination of earth and fire.

But remember combination happen all the time, it doesn't mean they are controlling both, there just controlling one that moves the other one when it is moved. like Katara and Aang bending clouds, Hue from the swamp episode bending the water in the vines, or an earth bender or fire bender bending lava without being the avatar.


Remember Hama did something similar to that in puppetmaster, when she pulled the water out of the air she moved it to the tips of her fingers like claws. smile

Comment by: Kyle @ 11:59 am November 03, 2009
and like Caleb said Mud bending can be done by both Katara and Toph, i didn't see that before my previous post but he said pretty much exactly what i said.

and yeah that would be awesome seeing an earthbender use mud like water bending. smile

Comment by: Vanja1995 @ 07:00 pm November 03, 2009
@swiss miss
OMG! that is an epic moment ...

Comment by: swissmiss @ 09:36 pm November 03, 2009

Yeah I thought they had released the trailer early and let me tell you, if that had actually happened and no one here knew about it yet for some unknown reason, there would be much flailing, spazzing, etc. on my part wink

Comment by: Caleb @ 10:31 pm November 03, 2009
And just think about this...

In the scene where Roku tells Aang about the avatar state and the four different avatars are displayed, they are all bending THEIR element. Kuruk was bending water, Kyoshi was bending rock statues, Yangchen bent air and the fire avatar bent lava. ;)

Comment by: Rubi @ 05:09 am November 04, 2009
james camerons avatar has a similar logo to our beloved avatar oooh iiiii feeelllll sooo MAD! angry

Comment by: Diaigma @ 01:58 pm November 04, 2009
Totally creepy episode, but it makes me wonder if the films will ever touch on blood-bending or not, like if it's a forbidden art among the WT or something. But yeah. Creepy fun episode.

Comment by: Caleb @ 03:11 pm November 04, 2009
@Di: That would be pretty cool: if bloodbending was forbidden in the NWT. That would mean it's common knowledge. wink

Comment by: bluespirit @ 03:44 pm November 04, 2009
What is "NWT"?

And the idea of freezing water on their body is not possible... sorry to burst your bubble

You try to keep just a piece of ice on your forearms and you'll know why it's not possible with a huge block of ice tongue

I think my theory had something to do with how Katara froze something that was not water... did she ever do that?

I don't know... I'll remember eventually!


Comment by: bluespirit @ 03:46 pm November 04, 2009
Northern Water Tribe
Just realized what it meant after I posted tongue

Comment by: Mr Suntail @ 04:13 pm November 04, 2009
An evil Air bender could create a vacume around a person and suffocate them. That would be some hard core evil. cant bend when you cant breathe. Actually it would be great if M Night used that idea say, when Appa gets stolen and Aang finds the sand bendder responsible. Not to kill him, just to scare the crap out of him and everyone else

Comment by: Caleb @ 08:24 pm November 04, 2009
@bluespirit: I didn't say anything about freeing water in someone's body... but that is horribly and evilly awesome! tongue Why would it not work?

@Suntail: We already talked about that. lol

Comment by: Caleb @ 08:26 pm November 04, 2009
WOOPS! I read your post wrong... you said freeze water ON someone's body. I thought you said IN someone's body.

It wouldn't be hard to do that, I think it actually happens in the series. I can't recall specifically any instance, but I think it does happen sometimes. Katara freezes water onto the serpent during the super awesome Kataang kick-but fight in The Serpent's Pass. :)

But now that I thought about what I mistaked up there, if a waterbender wanted to kill someone, they could freeze the water in another's body. Why waste time controlling the blood when you can just freeze it and be done!? lol

Comment by: Kyle @ 08:56 pm November 04, 2009
Waterbenders should be able to freeze water on or in bodies. i mean sure if you hold an ice cube to your skin it will melt but we aren't water benders, if they can take water that is not at freezing temperature and freeze it, they should be able to keep ice from melting.

that would be pretty horrible though, freezing someones blood i mean, it's basically unstoppable. as for ice arm blades that would just be amazingly awesome, it would be like those earth suits that Aang does occasionally but with ice. smile

Comment by: Mr Suntail @ 09:44 pm November 04, 2009
@ Caleb. I FAIL
Sorry at work and Lazy glance at subject.
Still a cool idea though.

Comment by: deweys dozen @ 03:08 am November 05, 2009
it would probably be possible to freeze someones blood if it was in the real world..but because it is designed for all ages it couldnt have got any worse than blood bending.

nobody really dies in the series in battle from what i can recall...everyone that dies e.g. katara n sokkas mum we dont see it happen just get told about it.

blood freezing would be pretty hardcore lol

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 05:37 am November 05, 2009
With the whole "can benders control the temperature of their elements?" discussion... Yes they can, and it's shown several times throughout the show.

Waterbending: There are plenty of times when Katara (or some other waterbender) bends water to ice, ice to water, steam to ice, etc. As we all know, to change the state (solid, liquid or gas) of water we need to increase/decrease its temperature. So, for Katara to bend water, and then freeze it, she's got to reduce the temperature of the water below zero degrees Celsius so it becomes ice. The same applies for bending ice to water, water to steam, etc. So, it's clear that waterbenders can control the temperature of their element.

Firebending: During the show, Azula's seen bending both blue and red flames. Blue flames are a lot hotter than red flames. So, she's obviously able to bend fire at different temperatures, indicating that firebenders can control the temperature of their element too.

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 05:38 am November 05, 2009
Airbending: In The Fortuneteller, Aang uses airbending to cool lava, causing it to become solid rock. Also, in Return To Omashu, Aang blew air onto a chain imprisoning Bumi and the chain froze over, making it easy to smash. The only way this could occur is if the air was incredibly cold, indicating that airbenders can control the temperature of their element too.

Earthbending: I can't think of any examples of Toph or any other earthbenders heating/cooling the rocks they were bending, but if firebenders, airbenders and waterbenders can do it, I assume earthbenders could do it too.

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 05:47 am November 05, 2009
Also, on the topic of blood bending...

I really thought they'd do more with it. I understand that it could only be used during the full moon, so only a couple of full moons occurred between The Puppetmaster and Sozin's Comet, but I figured it'd play a part in the Day of Black Sun at least. Having it used only once in Southern Raiders was such a waste of what could have potentially been awesome.

But then again, Katara's thoughts that it was evil, such a terrible thing to do, that she'd never bloodbend again etc. and then using it on the man who killed her mother helped show how much she hated that man. But... it could've been so much more.

Comment by: 25kuzon @ 07:41 am November 05, 2009
LOL smile tnx for accepting the forearm ice armor!

@bandit: I think Aang used waterbending on that scene..
I agree.. I hope m night create bloodbending more prominent in the 3rd movie....

Comment by: Caleb @ 10:58 am November 05, 2009
---PART 1---

Great input, BlindBandit. I have a few corrections for you though. wink

Thanks for pointing out the fact that to change water to steam you have to heat it up... I didn't think about that, and when Katara changes the water to steam to cover the ship in The Awakening, I realize that she has to heat it up to do so. Great input. ;)

About the airbending, I think that you are mistaken. In the fortuneteller, Aang doesn't cool the lava by controlling the temperature of the air, the lava itself doesn't actually turn to rock. BUT, what you're saying DOES happen in DoBS2 when Aang, Sokka, and Toph are traveling through the tunnels and Sokka almost gets singed by lava, then Aang bends air to turn it into stone. I think that just the shear force of the wind at the temperature it was at caused it to harden, though; not control the temp.

Comment by: Caleb @ 10:58 am November 05, 2009
---PART 2---
About Aang blowing ice onto the chain holding Bumi: I don't think he was airbending at all. I think he was blowing ice onto it using waterbending, just like Katara does to Hue in The Swamp to get Sokka out of the vines. It's important to note that it takes Aang a long time to create the ice(it forms slowly) because he doesn't have an enormous amount of water available to him. On the contrary, he just freezes the humidity of his breathe, I believe.

Look at the similarities in their breathe in the two examples I just mentioned.

They look generally the same.
(screen #1 courtesy of, #2 ASN)

Overall, I think that waterbenders can control the temperature fully of any type of water. Firebenders can't control the temperature, because the temp is decided by the amount of anger/rage it is fueled by(see Audio Commentary on "The Chase"). Airbenders I don't think can control the temperature, and neither can earthbenders.

I'm enjoying this conversation! laughing

Comment by: Kyle @ 11:18 am November 05, 2009
Yeah i think i said a while ago that waterbenders make steam by making the water hotter. either that or i just said make steam, but that's what i was implying. smile


I see what you mean about the airbenders but if Aang wasn't changing the temperature to cool the lava then the air around it would be around the same temperature as the lava which wouldn't harden it, it would just move it, it would just splash around. really the only way he could harden it would be if he was cooling the air.

Comment by: Kyle @ 11:23 am November 05, 2009
If you really want to get scientific then i guess you could say airbending is all about controlling temperature, because wind currents are all caused by areas of warm air rushing into areas of cooler air. all gusts of wind are caused by something related to hot and cold air coming together. tongue

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 11:46 am November 05, 2009
As am I laughing

With Aang blowing the ice onto Bumi's chain, I considered that he could have been freezing the moisture on his breath, not the air itself. I was going to mention it, but I decided only to bring it up if someone else did.

At the time, Aang and Katara had never bended water from obscure sources (in that, they'd never bended the moisture in the air, water from sweat, water inside plants/people, etc.). So, I don't think Aang knew he could have frozen the air moisture on his breath, I think he was cooling the air itself.

And if the temperature of the fire is determined by the amount of anger/rage it is fueled by, then surely that means they can control the temperature of the fire by changing the amount of rage they put into their attacks.

Also, since Zuko, Iroh, Aang and Sun Warriors don't use rage to fuel their firebending, then they could more easily control the amount of energy they put into each attack, and thus control the fire's temperature.

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 12:13 pm November 05, 2009
With Aang stopping the volcano's lava in The Fortuneteller, I rewatched it before I made my post and he does cool the lava so it hardens to rock.
(Screenshots from AvatarSpirit.Net)

At the time, he knew no firebending or earthbending, and was a novice waterbender (all he could really do was freeze water and move it around). However as I said above, at the time Aang didn't know anything about gathering water from obscure places (even less actually, since he hadn't even met Paku yet... not that Paku taught them about that sort of thing). So, all Aang had to stop and harden the lava was his airbending... which he did. And, from what I know, the only way he could have cooled the lava using only air as quickly as he did is if the air was supercooled.

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 12:16 pm November 05, 2009
There's another example of this, in The Avatar and the Fire Lord, when Roku is battling the volcano on his island, he leaps into the air, airbends a huge gust of wind at the lava below him, and it cools and hardens enough for him to land on it and walk around.

So, I stand by my belief that all four benders can change the temperature of their elements.

Comment by: Caleb @ 05:57 pm November 05, 2009
Man this is fun! I love disagreeing without anger. laughing

Just one thing before I start... would you mind using to link to screenshots from now on, BlindBandit. I get a 403 forbidden when I go to your links. ASN is terrible about that...

I totally understand what you're saying about airbending cooling lava to rock. I still think that it's not changing the temp though. lol.

Lets say Aang bends a gust of breeze onto lava just like he does underground in Dobs. Now think of when you are driving on the freeway with the windows down... the wind feels cold, right? It's not cold because the air's temp itself is cold, but it's because of the speed at which it travels past you makes it feel cold. This hardens the lava.

Also think about this... lava is really hot, right? Rock is really not, right? (lol) If lava is suddenly surrounded by air that is regular temperature, then the lava would conform to the air's temperature(which is a normal temperature). What is the form of lava at normal temperature? Rock. wink

For firebending, I believe you are correct... they can control the amount of energy they put into their fire and control their temps.

For water, full control.

Earth, none.


Can we break 100 before NB approves my next SotW? tongue

Comment by: Da kool 1 @ 08:03 pm November 05, 2009

Comment by: Da kool 1 @ 08:06 pm November 05, 2009

Comment by: Caleb @ 08:18 pm November 05, 2009
Oh come one, Kool. I was really hoping someone wouldn't do that just tot break 100.

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 09:03 pm November 05, 2009
This comment broke it.

Sorry about the links. Basically they were just screenshots from the scenes in The Fortuneteller and The Avatar And The Fire Lord I was talking about. They're not really important.

Wind affects us differently than it does inanimate objects like lava, because we've got evaporative cooling from our sweat. But yeah, I agree that blowing air at lava will cool it down (because of windchill and all that).

Using your DoBS2 example, given how hot lava is, a simple gust of wind that isn't travelling fast enough to knock over Sokka (who was in between Aang and the lava) wouldn't be able to cool it as quickly as it did, unless the air itself was cold too.

Comment by: Caleb @ 09:27 pm November 05, 2009
Well, technically the only part of Sokka that the air touches is a tiny bit of his back, see:

I understand about the links. I've had the same thing happen on someone else's end before. I believed you about the circumstances though. wink

This topic on airbending just comes down to personal opinion... it's just a matter of proof. wink

LOL, this conversation is fun. laughing To make it more fun, I have always loved this screen. laughing tongue lol

Comment by: bluespirit @ 10:20 pm November 05, 2009
First of all I wasn't suggesting the melting of the ice cube
That's not the problem with ice-arm blades
It's the fact that it's so cold on your arm!!
You would not be able to feel your arms let alone fight with them...
Waterbenders aren't Sub-zero... this isn't Mortal Kombat... it's Avatar tongue

Comment by: Kyle @ 11:44 pm November 05, 2009
I still think that Aang has to be able to control some temperature, like i said before air currents in the real world are all caused by pockets of warm air (High Pressure) rushing into areas of cold air (Low Pressure).

And lava couldn't really be cooled that quickly by average temperature air, it would harden the surface of it but that wouldn't make it hard enough to hold itself up and make a wall like it did, regardless of how fast it's moving.

The only time i've ever seen lava cool that fast was in those videos where it comes out under water and rapidly cools and cracks. So Aang would have to make air cold enough to harden the lava all the way through

Also when there inside the volcano the air surrounding the lava had to be really hot so no matter how much you push that air towards the lava it won't harden it.

Comment by: bluespirit @ 12:31 am November 06, 2009
About Aang not being able to cool it:
As Sokka once said,

"That's Avatar stuff, that doesn't count."

Comment by: deweys dozen @ 12:52 am November 06, 2009
temperature is just how the molecules are arranged...and how closely they are packed together!
i wonder if benders can effect elements at that fine level in order to effect temperature drastically enough.

water benders can obviously do it, air benders might be able to do it also...and it just came to me in the final episode aang compresses rock to be super hard...if he compressed it enough it would have turned to liquid under immense pressure.
but i agree "thats avatar stuff" lol sokka kills it. tongue

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 05:27 am November 06, 2009
Yeah, at the end of the day, it's not critically important, but it's clear that waterbenders can alter the temperature of their element, and I want to believe that all elements/benders are equal, so if waterbenders can do it, air, earth and firebenders should be able to do it too.

But anyway, for room-temperature air to cool down molten rock (lava) enough so that it hardens as quickly as Aang does, the air would have to be travelling at insane speeds, and I don't think it could be done. Not unless the air being blown was supercooled already.

How bending works and what the different benders can/can't do has always been a bit vague though. I remember before season 1 had finished airing, discussing with two people whether it'd be possible to bend the water moisture in the air. I thought yes, but it'd be extremely difficult (like, excluse to the Avatar and maybe a couple of other masters), and they both agreed it couldn't be done. And then by the end of season 3, it was shown they could do that and more...

Plus, firebending has always confused me. Water, air and earth are all physical objects that you can hold and feel, but fire's essentially just energy. Heat, light, etc. Yet it's shown to physically push back tanks and cut buildings in half. And if lightning is caused by separating positive and negative energy (and thus doesn't involve creating fire at all), why's it exclusive to firebenders?

Comment by: Caleb @ 11:17 am November 06, 2009
---PART 1---
QUOTE from Kyle: "Also when there inside the volcano the air surrounding the lava had to be really hot so no matter how much you push that air towards the lava it won't harden it." End QUOTE.

I thought about that already, and the lava would heat up the air around it, but Aang is bending it and it is traveling so fast that the air that gets heated moves away from the lava in a split second, and therefore it stays generally cool.

@BlindBandit: It's also important to note that bending isn't real, so it won't always make the most sense. That's why airbending temperatures comes down to personal opinion. wink

You said, "I want to believe that all elements/benders are equal"

I have to say, I want to believe that too, but it's definitely not true! Haha! Water is most certainly the most dangerous, extreme, and superior element out of the four. With all the things a waterbender could do, it is really freaky! Haha! I think that the weakest element would be earth, followed by air, then fire, and finally water.

Comment by: Caleb @ 11:18 am November 06, 2009
---PART 2---
I think that lightningbending is a form of firebending because of the way firebenders bend. Like you said, fire is essentially just energy. Firebending is 100% focused around energy. Remember in the first episode how Iroh teaches Zuko about fire: "No! Power in firebending comes from the breath, not the muscle! The breath becomes energy in the body... the energy then extends past your limbs and becomes FIRE!" So essentially, power in firebending comes from the breath which becomes energy, so firebending is just manipulating energy. Since firebending is all about energy, and not necessarily the fire itself, they learned how to do more with energy than just set it on fire and shoot it out of their fingers; they learned from nature that when positive and negative energy clash together it makes deadly lightning, and so they learned to do so themselves.

Yes, this is ALL "avatar stuff." tongue

I wish Bryke would have just one day where the publicized an email address to send all your avatar questions to... they would set a deadline. Then they would start answering the questions on a blog.

I would be so happy. laughing

Comment by: Rubix Qoob @ 11:22 am November 06, 2009
At first I was boycotting James Cameron Avatar because they made Paramount change the title to The Last Airbender . But after realizing Avatar The Last Airbender may have been a bit long anyway and seeing the Avatar trailer I may give it a try. I ignore Titantic but the man did do Terminator 1 and 2 and Aliens only one of the greatest Sci-fi movies of alll time. So I may relent.

Comment by: Caleb @ 11:28 am November 06, 2009
QUOTE: "seeing the Avatar trailer I may give it a try." END

Shame!! Cameron's Avatar is not our friend! :P

Comment by: bluespirit @ 05:50 pm November 06, 2009
We don't speak of James Cameron's Avatar here.

I don't think Mike and Bryan thought of the chemistry of heating and cooling and the molecular aspects of it.

The dart board theory is looking like the most likely one
tongue tongue


Comment by: 25kuzon @ 07:00 pm November 06, 2009
Great conclusion guys!
That is why I love this site!!

But shouldn't there be a SOTW by now? wassat

Comment by: Kyle @ 07:57 pm November 06, 2009

I still think airbenders can change temperature, it just makes sense.

But about the strongest element thing i would say it has to be earth, water, fire, then air being the weakest. Realistically i mean, in the show they really weaken earth so they don't kill anyone as brutally as they could with it.
for an example here's an awesome lego earthbending video that just shows how brutal it can be..

the coolest thing is that earth really doesn't need any fancy advancements to be deadly. Water is definitely second for obvious reasons, and fire also, but water is a little more solid than fire and if used right can cause more destruction. and air is weakest but the airbenders were so peaceful anyway so they didn't care anyway.

Comment by: Caleb @ 09:53 pm November 06, 2009
Yes, ebending can be extremely deadly, but if you think about all the side-bending that goes with waterbending, I strongly think that it is the superior element. wink

@25Kuzon: I wrote the SotW on Tuesday(or was it Wednesday?) but NB hasn't approved it yet... (I write them, he approves them when it's time) :/

Comment by: deweys dozen @ 12:44 am November 07, 2009
show of the week is slowly becoming 'show of whenever we want' lol tongue

Comment by: BlindBandit @ 05:48 am November 07, 2009
Well there's only so much you can talk about a particular episode... Plus, it spawned this conversation, and we're still talking about Avatar, so it's not as if we've gone completely off topic and are talking about basketball or something.

And on the topic of "most deadly element", all four of them are deadly. Freeze all the water in a person's body, total body hemorrhage , remove the air from their lungs and place them in a vacuum, suffocate to death, burn someone to death, or crush them under rock... All pretty simple to do.

And with the elements/benders being equal... I know they're not, it's impossible for their to be four different, totally unique bending styles, and all four of them being equal. (For those interested, I take this view with people too. If everyone is unique, then they can't be equal, some people are going to be different in ways that make them better than others, and some differences are going to make them worse off.)

Comment by: bluespirit @ 08:57 am November 07, 2009

How bout them Yankees?
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