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Photos of Sound-Stage and Ships at the Philly Yard
Posted to Airbender Film, Rumors on March 31, 2009 9:55 PM by NightBender
One of our readers and members, Bobtheavatard, recently did a recon of one of The Last Airbender sound-stages in Philly from his car. The doors to the sound-stage happened to be open a little bit and what he saw through them was a big chunk ice with the hole in it! He enhanced the photo to make it more visible. Bob also noticed at the Philadelphia Naval Yard several DD and GC Navy Ships docked. Cool thing is, these particular classes of ships look very similar to Fire Nation ships! Could they be, or is it just a coincidence? Enjoy:

The Last Airbender sound-stage photos The Last Airbender sound-stage photos
The Last Airbender sound-stage photos
(Click images to see full-size)

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Comment by: Caleb @ 10:16 pm March 31, 2009
Looks like an iceberg to me. laughing

The boats are pretty good. I'm trying to be optimistic, but they look a little too modern. Does anyone know what time period this is supposed to be set in?

Comment by: Caleb @ 10:26 pm March 31, 2009
I'm a little confused though. How do we know that these will be Fire Navy ships? Is it just a guess?

...boy, I can't imagine what it cost Shyamalan to rent those. laughing

Comment by: NightBender @ 10:30 pm March 31, 2009
it's hunch based on the fact that they are scheduled to film around there soon.

Comment by: eatalllot @ 12:53 am April 01, 2009
seriously, y does every photo so far looks so modern....the pagoda and now the ships....where r they going with this. ok, i can accept the fact tat the pagoda has glass window, but y arent the ships red....and y does it look like a battleship from the so lost where night is going with this movie angry

Comment by: Nelson64 @ 01:03 am April 01, 2009
well its not like hes gonna hand craft these things you he gets something in our world that looks very similar and cgis it or paints it and wut not...

Comment by: NightBender @ 01:05 am April 01, 2009
(1) Rumor is they actually aren't shooting the actual Pagoda itself. wassat

(2) They can't build Fire Nation ships from scratch. Ships that size cost hundreds of millions of dollars. They will augment these to look appropriate for the film.

Comment by: eatalllot @ 01:20 am April 01, 2009
at least make a few adjustments on the damn ships....

Comment by: Caleb @ 01:35 am April 01, 2009
Yeah, everything seems to be more modern than I think it should be, but it's not too bad. I think that they would be pretty good if they didn't curve inward at the front.

Comment by: Sara @ 02:05 am April 01, 2009
Ok people, they are still in the very beginning stages with this stuff. Everything we are seeing right now I think is not ready to be actually filmed yet, they still have a lot of work to do. I think we should worry about the look of things when we see actual actors on set, not bare bones and raw materials.

Comment by: Caleb @ 02:09 am April 01, 2009
Yeah, I was just thinking about that. We are going crazy over the smallest details. tongue

Comment by: eatalllot @ 02:16 am April 01, 2009
of course we're worried, the studio may hav messed up lots of movies, but they cant possibly mess avatar up, can they?

Comment by: NightBender @ 02:21 am April 01, 2009
To be clear, these ships aren't definitely Fire Nation ships. They just happened to be docked right next to the sound-stage so people are speculating. It's not official or anything yet. Could just be a coincidence.

Comment by: Diaigma @ 02:29 am April 01, 2009
My guess is they might film the ships and superimpose them later, otherwise, are we sure the docked ships have anything to do with the film at this point? I doubt it.

Comment by: thephoenixlord @ 02:40 am April 01, 2009
Those ships better not be used as Fire Nation battleships. They're obviously 21st Century. There is such a thing as CGI and miniature models you know? But it's probably some weird coincidence, or Night has some other plan for them. No idea. We're only making wild guesses and inferences here.

Comment by: erikonil @ 03:54 am April 01, 2009
I doubt they are the Fire Nation ships, but hey, why not make them Fire Nation ships? Apparently dark skinned Inuit based people are now white. This is apparently M Night's interpretation of Avatar after all. Why bother staying true to the original show?

Comment by: Just another watcher @ 08:10 pm April 01, 2009
Its not about staying 100% true to the TV show. If you did that it would just be plan boring, a good movie biased on a TV show stay true to original but also has new artistic vision, without one the new movie will just be boring.

As far as those ships go, that warehouse is right next to where they always keep navy ships. I live near that area and those are defendantly not going to be used. The way you make a ship for film is build the deck in a sound studio and then film the rest with miniatures. For example Pirates of the Carribian the ships were in scale a little taller then a person and were filmed in a big pool where ocean effects could be added, as well as some shots from bigger ships. However for everything that the fire navy has to do that will all be done with miniatures because filming from a slightly raised angel will not be as fun because there is no rigging in the way. Any Fights on deck will be done in a sound stage.

Comment by: Anonymous @ 10:17 am April 02, 2009
Amazing how people honestly think that the way shit is now is going to be the way they are in the movie.

Comment by: vickster @ 01:00 am April 03, 2009
or maybe they are just going to film scenes on top of the boats...did yall think of that..maybe they'll do the boat scenes aboard them and then digitally build the fire nation ships

Comment by: Caleb @ 11:16 pm April 03, 2009
Good point...

Comment by: Rubi @ 01:41 am April 10, 2009
The little light in the warehouse looks like an iceberg to me?

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